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We have several processes for you to choose. First, we have a simple product photography process for you to "just get it done". This category is great for simple e-commerce work that is typically shot on a solid white back with either a drop-shadow or reflection. We have a quantity price breakdown for this category. Second, we have a custom photography process that follows a traditional day rate or half-day rate charge. This is a great option for custom shoots that go beyond the scope of simple photography for e-commerce. Custom shoots typically involve sets or props and often occur on-location.


Simple Product Photography

Contact us to discuss your project

1. Contact us to discuss your project

Start by visiting our Contact page or calling us. This is the first opportunity for you to tell us about your product and for us to answer any initial questions you may have. We will send you an estimate soon after.

2. Ship us your product                     

Pick out your best product - preferably fewest dings and scratches. Pack each item carefully. Then include your contact information so that we can let you know when the product arrives.

3. We shoot it                                              

After we receive your product, we will go over the detail of your project and call you to discuss any questions or concerns. After we have collected your payment details, and with your approval, we begin the shooting.

4. You download it  


 Once we are done shooting, we send you a link to download your files. If you'd like to add additional shots or make changes to shots already done, we will do those before we return product (Additional charges may apply).



Items 24" on longest side or smaller

$45 per photo

$36 per photo

$32 per photo

$27 per photo

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